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Untangle the Gordian Knot of iterating on Differential/Diffusion/Arcanist
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A large iteration on Differential/Diffusion/Arcanist is looming but difficult to get traction on, so I'm going to write a lot of words about it until I get tired, then take a nap and hope the answers come to me in a dream.

  • The planned Arcanist changes are summarized in T11429.
  • The Diffusion changes are primarily T5000, plus untangling the mess of forking / "push to save changes".
  • The Differential changes support the other changes, plus infrastructure changes (like T11114).

All of this stuff is interlinked and planning a pathway through it is difficult.

Here are pending, pure-infrastructure changes in Differential. These are mostly actionable, but will cause some upgrade churn for installs and some of it touches APIs that Arcanist uses:

These are Differential product changes which fall out of that stuff:

Here are pending, pure-infrastructure changes in Diffusion.

And product changes:

Arcanist stuff mostly layers on top of these things? Maybe?

I've been attacking this mostly from the arc side but Differential may be a better flank to strike.

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