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In Diffusion, show commit messages as parsed fields by default with an option to view them raw
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When Arcanist creates a commit message, either via amend or land, it formats the usernames included in the message as username instead of @username. It'd be nice if it used the @username format instead, so that the usernames were linked when the commit message was shown in Diffusion.

On commit view pages, the page title uses the precomputed "summary" text, but could often fit more text than the precomputed summary size.

Generally, if someone pushes a 3GB commit message, Phabricator probably breaks right now. D21574 introduced a getCommitMessageForDisplay() fiction which could handle this some day. The 3GB message shouldn't make it into the database, the full "message" on the Data object should be some long prefix with a total byte count, and the UI should handle warnings like "Only the first 256KB of this huge 3GB commit message are shown."

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+1, although an alternative would be for Diffusion/Remarkup to render Reviewers: alincoln identically to Reviewers: @alincoln.

Another alternative would be to mangle the commit message more heavily and strip out the fields we believe we can parse. So instead of showing something like this:

Exact repeat of commit title

blah blah blah blah

Reviewers: X

Reviewed By: Y

...we'd show the fields we think we know about above as properties (in some cases, we already do, and would probably just hide duplicate fields like "Subscribers"):

  Reviewers: X
Reviewed By: Y
Subscribers: Z

...and then just show whatever else was left as the message:

blah blah blah blah

With a Show Raw Commit Message link somewhere if you want to look at the original.

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