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Plans: Diffusion authors, Herald ref rules, parsing, performance
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See PHI130. Although there isn't a clear pathway forward on building the graph cache, we can make meaningful progress here. See T12749.

See PHI263. See T11953. This mostly centers on building pretend pushes out of pulls.

See T12164. This is a fairly unambiguous behavioral improvement. See T8276.

See T9713. The commit UI can be significantly improved.

See PHI391. This is probably that we send synchronized reads to out-of-date nodes immediately after a write. Edit: no it isn't?

See PHI397. See PHI524. When commits contain Differential Revision:, we should deactivate all magic words in the commit message, not just the "Revision" line.

See PHI395. See T8936. An install would like to delete some refs/remotes/origin/xyz refs, which we currently can't determine the type for. See some peril in T9383, where not all refs/X are refs.

See PHI407. Some of the navigation around browse and compare is unclear.

See PHI803, which notes that repository Tags (the Phabricator object, i.e. Projects) aren't visible anywhere reasonable.

See PHI649. The file path typeahead in repositories can be difficult to use when your repository has a lot of long paths which all start with /path/to/some/actual/directory/with/source/in/it/com/java/oracle/.

See PHI880. The file path typeahead would benefit from better caching in large repositories.

See T10964. See PHI930. The UI should be more clear when viewing commits on untracked branches.

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