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Diff creation fails when submitting too long file paths
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When I'm trying to create a differential revision on a branch containing a too long file path (sample : node_modules/makara/node_modules/bundalo/node_modules/dustjs-linkedin/node_modules/chokidar/node_modules/anymatch/node_modules/micromatch/node_modules/braces/node_modules/expand-range/node_modules/fill-range/node_modules/isobject/node_modules/isarray/component.json), I'm getting the following error message :

{"result":null,"error_code":"ERR-CONDUIT-CORE","error_info":"#1406: Data too long for column 'filename' at row 1"}

I absolutely want to commit the node_modules directory in order to snapshot my dependencies and avoid to download them from production environment.

I succeeded created the revision by changing the differential_changeset.filename column from VARCHAR(255) to TEXT but I'm waiting for an official fix that would for example truncate the file path or increase the column size.