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Diffusion view to show the commits within a range.
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Diffusion offers a history view (<repo>/history/master/), I can't see a way to restrict the set of commits to range. If it's not currently available then we'd love to see it added.

We have a need to generate a release document that lists all of the commits that went into the release. These commits fall into two categories - specific features added for that release and features contributed by other teams that are included in the master repo (e.g. updating a third party tool, fixing a bug in a shared package, a feature under development but not released etc). The first category we track implicitly, the second we would like to just list and using diffusion's UI seems like a great way of doing so. Having a url of the form:<repo>/history/<from-commit>,<to-commit> would work nicely and seems generally useful.


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This is technically supported, but not easy to find in the UI right now. Here's an example:

T929 is the task for improvements to it, although it's entangled with other large initiatives (T12010).

Is that existing UI sufficient? We may be able to make small tweaks to it easily, but significant changes probably touch a lot of other related work.

this will work just fine, thanks!

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Cool. We'll improve this in the future and make it easier to find once we do.