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`arc diff --reviewers` inserts reviewers twice.
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When I run

arc diff --reviewers amos

It pops up an edit window that looks like this:

Fix the suite-loading to detect attribute errors as well.

I now iterate through the test-suite properly.

Reviewers: amos

Test Plan:
I modified selenium_tests/tests/pageload/ to set
the first ALL_LANGUAGE_TEST to `util.Page("", "/")`, which raise a
value-error at import time.  I then ran
   tools/ selenium_tests/tests/pageload
and it died.



As you can see, it has an empty Reviewers: line (and Subscribers:) at the end, in addition to the properly-populated Reviewers:` line earlier in the message.

When I save, it notices and asks me to edit the message, which is great, but it would be even greater if it didn't create the problem in the first place.

Event Timeline

This is D17122 interacting with some extremely high-quality code in arc.

I believe this is now fixed at HEAD of master. You should be able to pick up the change with arc upgrade now (if you run master) or in about 36 hours (if you run stable).

Thanks for the report! Let us know if you run into any other issues. See T12010 for broader discussion of ongoing churn in this area of the codebase.