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Failed to create diff by web
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While create diff from web ui
it failed with error message.

the example diff we create


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Using arc diff is ok. but using the web form is not working at all

This is related to changes in T11114. I think I'll have it fixed in a few hours.

No, sir. i just upgrade to latest git commits. still can not do it.

Oh, sorry, maybe you misread? I said "I think I'll have it fixed in a few hours", meaning that I don't expect it to be fixed until later today. Unless you can pull changes from the future, it won't work yet. I'll update this task once things are fixed.

oh, sorry. i saw it as " I had fix it a few hours before..."

Appreciate your time.

epriestley claimed this task.

I believe this is fixed in HEAD of master now. Let us know if you're still seeing issues after upgrading.

This stuff is churning unusually heavily right now (see T11114 and T12010) as some infrastructure is refactored. In the future, you might also consider running the stable branch instead of master, which is about a week behind master -- it won't get you the latest stuff right away, but fewer bugs make it to stable:

Tested. master branch working . thanks.