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Mid-2015 Phabricator Redesign
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This is mostly a container task for myself to keep track of all the new / updated pieces I want to cover. I roughly expect this to take 2-3 months, with prototyping in May, building in June, launch in July.


A lighter navbar has been designed. Open questions are whether to support header-color settings or remove that feature in favor of T4214, which should be fully completed if so.


A lighter sidebar has begun exploration.


A new ObjectBox has been designed, but needs further refinement in various applications.


Probably the largest change, removing the border-color and replacing with icons. The solves some accessibility in the icons will indicate priority and status, as well as be changeable depending on application and allow tooltips. Converting all applications however will be time consuming. I expect this to the be the bulk of the work.


A new DocumentView should be updated to reflect the new ObjectBox.


I'd like to remove colored headers in most cases, will need to study their actual current use.


Worth exploring minor touchups.


Worth exploring making these dropdowns, but expect pushback from the board.


Would like to completely re-think these, though at a minimum will be updated to match new headers.


Should be updated to match ObjectBox.


Worth exploring new UI here to match new overall lighter style. A slimmer header should also save space.


As notes right now sit typically on grey backgrounds, they may be too heavy, feel inconsistent with the new UI. They should be re-examined as well in context.


Differential Revisions
D13528: [Redesign] Add clear:both to phabricator-standard-page-body
D13078: [Redesign] Slightly darker body
D12955: [Redesign] Add Table, Collapse support to ObjectBox
D12902: [Redesign] Remove PHUIActionHeaderView
D12882: [Redesign] New Simple button style, remove unused button states
D12865: [Redesign] New PHUIObjectItemListView
D12873: [Redesign] Convert Dashboard Panels to ObjectBox
D12764: [Redesign] Small pass at dashboards
D12769: [Redesign] Update PHUIInfoView style, color
D12762: [Redesign] New Sidenav, Homenav, ConpherenceNav, IconNav
D12745: Redesign main header
D13549 / rP9615f0a629ab: [Redesign] Fix Pager on Phriction History
D13524 / rP233144e29993: [Redesign] Update Object Selector UI
D13523 / rP18e1bd2e459d: [Redesign] Clean up <select>
D13530 / rP01a1a8787922: [Redesign] Add clear:both to standard-page
D13529 / rP9478af18451a: [Redesign] Clean up Config Issue UI
D13520 / rP997ba9ddc522: [Redesign] Update Phame UI
D13517 / rPea520263a64d: [Redesign] Normalize menus and lists
D13502 / rP66afb92fb3b0: [Redesign] Add color to diff Table of Contents
D13515 / rP3b755115c2d8: [Redesgin] Misc Inline Comment tweaks
D13494 / rP70d5e82253a3: [Redesign] Clean up borders on ObjectItems
D13492 / rPd595faf7b7bd: [Redesign] Clean up spacing on Conpherence Menu
D13491 / rP1b9659d245db: [Redesign] Minor CSS polish in Feed Story
D13490 / rPf2f168cceb22: [Redesign] Use status icons in Maniphest task list
D13487 / rP2c922ca2306f: [Redesign] Fix Maniphest subpriority editing
D13477 / rPf83bbeaf5cbf: [Redesign] Use Roboto Slab headers on DocumentView Header
D13478 / rP92c97b6a4ed9: [Redesign] Fix Spaces Policy Dialog
D13475 / rP6fef37ddb5b5: [Redesign] Update Inline Comment UI
D13463 / rP626c7bc9066f: [Redesign] Clean up AphrontDialog
D13473 / rP10dd27cac992: [Redesign] Update Workboards
D13471 / rP08ec0f1704d9: [Redesign] Remove AphrontTable restriction on Search Engine
D13470 / rPa3c8fcded219: [Redesign] Give a default line height on codeblocks
D13465 / rPa5e8bbf3f430: [Redesign] Home nav normalization
D13466 / rP12bbc63aae82: [Redesign] Fix some theme issues
D13467 / rPe440a4235655: [Redesign] Normalize button sizes
D13457 / rP1c84d2719c27: [Redesign] Larger Font PostProcessor
D13456 / rP37a51bddf977: [Redesign] Touch up sidenav UI
D13453 / rP80c6aa96b6d3: [Redesign] Break words in headers
D13452 / rPf6d19bcca5c5: [Redesign] More space for remarkup-list
D13440 / rP0bf5b910f286: [Redesign] Pop color up on header status tags
D13450 / rP22c839701335: [Redesign] Tweak bluebackground to be more useful
D13445 / rPaa22a578d01b: [Redesign] Clean up Slowvote
D13443 / rPa85010c9bfd4: [Redesign] Fix some vegetables
D13442 / rPe053cdd90312: [Redesign] Update PHUIRemarkupPreviewPanel
D13439 / rPa89483ee5b86: [Redesign] Swap Slabo for Roboto Slab
D13438 / rP1508b538a4fe: [Redesign] Clean up differential file headers
D13437 / rPbbf093ed3327: [Redesign] Use full Lato 2 font set
D13434 / rPf8755ff8a4e1: [Redesign] Fix Maniphest closed header tags
D13400 / rPbe8cf8600e11: [Redesign] Alight right gutter on ObjectItemList better
D13399 / rPd27b3146d25a: [Redesign] Normalize header policy and object tags
D13369 / rPeba1153e7e07: [Redesign] Provide more color to object states in headers
D13375 / rPf93ba518d292: [Redesign] Full High Contrast Mode
D13367 / rP133263cec85a: [Redesign] Render full priority names on Maniphest icons
D13368 / rP7787c50da9de: [Redesign] Clean up timeline images
D13364 / rP430194310f07: [Redesign] Clean up remarkup header sizes
D13361 / rPb94207520571: [Redesign] Darken things when dark header is used
D13365 / rP77725782c105: [Redsign] Update Hovercards for redesign
D13360 / rP67a3cc36d176: [Redesign] Slight border inset on all profile photos
D13357 / rP67950cddb0df: [Redesign] Misc batch of UI buggypoos
D13332 / rP801607381d5e: [Redesign] PhabricatorApplicationSearchResultView
D13312 / rPd16de7a82c2d: [Redesign] Spaces header colors
D13308 / rP13e959286c63: [Redesign] Persisent an open form when actively running queries
D13310 / rP3846a009162f: [Redesign] Fix alignment of icon/grip on ObjectList
D13147 / rPcbf1b1a9fafd: [Redesign] Misc cleanup
D13146 / rP274cbf3cdb35: [Redesign] Uh... Add back gradient headers?
D13127 / rP8fca8810932c: [Redesign] Move headers to Oswald font
D13092 / rPe4788df9a505: [Redesign] PHUIPagerView
D13101 / rP132bff3ea590: [Redesign] People, Profile, Feed UI
D13087 / rPe230e0388077: [Redesign] Fix 'nodata' display on search results
D13086 / rPee599b0201bb: [Redesign] More header touch ups
D13085 / rP140f63e39843: [Redesign] Center Pinboard Items
D13084 / rPf5a7e8bdbd9a: [Redesign] Phriction UI Updates, Header tweaks
D13082 / rP26d633f8fe40: [Redesign] Update Search UI
D13083 / rP79c6f1c60ac3: [Redesign] Update Paste UI
D13077 / rP3dcb672076b3: [Redesign] Better Headers, more options
D13065 / rPcc20a6c4d37c: [Redesign] Lots of minor color changes
D13080 / rP9baa965b8609: [Redesign] Workboard headers / icons
D13081 / rP2ec7cdcfbabe: [Redesign] Use normal sized buttons for Changesets
D13062 / rPdf9bd8689067: [Redesign] Fix Conpherence crumb border
D13059 / rP13f9f209df06: [Redesign] Remove remaining barColor callsites
D13056 / rPfd47a047e540: [Redesign] Update Phriction UI
D13055 / rPb0056dd16cd3: [Redesign] Try fa-code icon for open Diffs
D13054 / rP75673a8e3744: [Redesign] Cleanup Harbormaster UI
D13045 / rPf1dd3d0e9c1c: [Redesign] Update Feed
D13047 / rP7fa5e63f0d65: [Redesign] Normalize nav spacing
D13046 / rP624b16c4c9e9: [Redesign] Rebuild Chatlog
D13049 / rPc0d780543c7c: [Redesign] Update Conduit UI
D13048 / rPca50f8e9efb3: [Redesign] Fix filetree view in Differential
D13050 / rPd60f763c8913: [Redesign] Update Config UI
D13052 / rP784a59abd939: [Redesign] Update Daemons UI
D13053 / rPcf34185f2e4e: [Redesign] Update Drydock UI
D13040 / rPe81ec738f3ea: [Redesign] Add back limited header-color options
D13035 / rPb24260b04a34: [Redesign] Add back Advanced Search
D13037 / rP2dadf558921e: [Redesign] Minor mobile CSS updates
D13027 / rPeab600762e43: [Redesign] Add Show/Hide functions to PHUIObjectBoxView
D12989 / rP3d407732d623: [Redesign] Put all ApplicationSearch results in an ObjectBox
D12987 / rPc371077bbe2d: [Redesign] Thinner PHUIPinboardItemView
D12986 / rP09c12280ef58: [Redesign] Better icon spacing for PHUIObjectListItem
D12984 / rP4b6d6b794af6: [Redesign] Mobile/Phone design pass
D12982 / rP832ad4695068: [Redesign] Fallout cleanup from Merge
D12959 / rP11ed4e4f2146: [Redesign] PHUICrumbs touchups
D12961 / rP3cd27a0881b1: [Redesign] PHUIHeaderView goes to table layout
D12975 / rP34ea95d9e2a6: [Redesign] Tighten up Remarkup / PHUIFontKit
D12974 / rPa8ee3db28167: [Redesign] Add ActionIcon to home panels
D12958 / rP039bc126921d: [Redesign] Mobile menus / headers
D12944 / rP227c402d275a: [Redesign] Remove gradient headers
D12944 / rPed8118d50c65: [Redesign] Remove gradient headers
D12942 / rPfa858cc8fd03: [Redesign] ObjectBoxView colors
D12924 / rPdde1237e3796: [Redesign] Normalize colors on PHUIListView
D12923 / rP38445b47c0c4: [Redesign] Bolder object names for ObjectItemListView
D12919 / rP0de15e9869ed: [Redesign] Better legibility on ObjectItemLists
D12920 / rP37cd1735d9ac: [Redesign] Make ObjectBox Header conditional
D12918 / rP1562dca2141c: [Redesign] Anchor blue
D12911 / rP397bef68d7d7: [Redesign] Darken logo
D12880 / rP3730805b1a79: [Redesign] Durable Column touchups
D12877 / rPd714f3273f70: [Redesign] Update Durable Column header
D12757 / rP9b1acac7ffa8: [Redesign] First rough pass at new ObjectBoxView
D12753 / rP4fe1d3fc7fc4: [Redesign] Blindigo logo

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Vast majority of work is here complete.