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Mobile always collapses long crumbs
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On mobile we're space constrained and only show the first and last breadcrumb. Some apps like Phriction and Diffusion, this may be sub-optimal. Unclear what is a "good" option here, but maybe collapse the crumbs into a dropdown menu on the last crumb itself?

Original ticket:
This is kind of annoying on mobile, but there's no direct way to navigate to the parent document of a wiki page in Phriction on mobile, without editing the URL or navigating back to the root of the wiki and going through the hierarchy again.

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FWIW, crumbs on mobile have always (deliberately) done this.

Yeah it makes sense in most places, but in Phriction it's the only way to access the parent document.

I like at least trying the last item as a dropdown. There are a couple of other similar "make UI elements work better on mobile by default" things too (T5752) that I sort of want to clean up, but holding these until after the redesign probably makes sense.