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Differential revision list "draft notification" bubble should ignore deleted drafts
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. open another user commit
  2. add 2 inline comments:
    • 1st comment covers one line
    • 2nd comment covers several lines including line of 1st comment
  3. press Delete button on 1st comment

At this point the deleted inline comment draft is still in database and if I submit the form below (e.g. accept commit, add comment) it would still be in database as draft, but invisible. An invisible draft would cause Unsubmitted comments bubble in the list.

I think, that the Delete button should delete draft comment directly in database and if Undo link is used, then we can create it again there.

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We'll fix the bubble behavior. The persistence behavior is intentional.

As it turns out, this is fairly messy.

T5031 doesn't really need to happen first but we'd end up in a cleaner place if it did.

aik099 added a comment.EditedApr 9 2015, 3:34 PM

If we add a code in place where we create transaction (audit action takes place) and all draft inlines become real inlines we can drop (from db) draft inlines that had Undo link. No side effects and small code amount.

Not sure though how do we distinguish drafts that should be live VS ones, that were deleted but are still in db.

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I'm not able to still reproduce this, I think it was similar to the bug we recently resolved around draft states, can't find that diff offhand though.

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