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Field-level policy controls are not made clear in the UI
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It seems that I can't modify the priority for a task anymore, either from the "Edit Task" menu or from the drop down at the bottom of the page.

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Actually, it seems that the "Can Prioritize Tasks" policy on this install has changed. I think that the option to change priority should probably still be visible though, even if it is not allowed by policies. Generally I thought that this was the preferred approach (showing as disabled rather than hiding).

Yeah, @chad locked this down (I think to stop new users from, e.g., filing "High" priority issues).

We should probably let a larger group of users have access to this.

After T9132 we may be able to provide a clearer UI here. One use case for these option (especially the policy options) is "seeing this stuff at all is too confusing for my users", though.

Oh I'm not fussed about not being able to prioritize tasks on this install, I just was confused and initially thought I had stumbled across a bug.

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I think this was obsoleted by T10003 and EditEngine.