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Build Phabricator in Harbormaster (v2)
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Harbormaster is unprototyped, but currently not powerful enough to build Phabricator itself. In the next iteration, I want to add build platform features so the upstream builds can execute on Harbormaster.

In particular, this means:

  • Running arc lint and arc unit on a Drydock host.
  • Executing builds for both revisions and commits.
  • Easily uploading lint/unit results to Harbormaster, likely via new --target flags.
  • (T2543) We should also get --draft / --try built here.
  • Likely shoring up a lot of log/state infrastructure.

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Isn't Phabricator entirely PHP? What is there to build?

Or does this task just mean running "arc unit --everything" on a build server?

It means running arc unit on a build server.

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I don't imagine this is in v2, but we could build XHPAST in Harbormaster. This would be good for the unfortunate souls that use Windows.

Is this going to include the ability to build (i.e. lint and test) diffs as well, or is that part of v3?

Since we're pushing everything to staging, I expect that to be covered here.

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There's some relevant information on the progress on the Drydock side of this here: T9252#138215

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We're kinda-sort doing builds for commits now:

We're kinda-sort doing builds for commits now:

Macro yaaay:

Per T9252, we're now building all the repositories and all Community revisions, so the meat of this is working. There are still a lot of pieces that need refinement or generalization, though, or aren't even theoretically useful to installs other than this one for various reasons.

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mmm meat

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Upstream builds have been in production for some time. There's always more work to be done, but I don't think there's anything actionable left here that isn't covered elswhere.

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