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Implement "Run Arc Unit" build step and support showing unit test results inside Harbormaster
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This involves:

  • Adding storage for storing unit test results. I think for Differential this is stored as JSON and loaded, and we might just use the same mechanism for consistency, or we could have a dedicated table that actually stores the data into columns properly.
  • Implementing a build step that runs "arc unit" consistently across different platforms. D9113 actually addresses most of the cross-platform issues that were encountered with running a specific command, so most of that should be able to be adapted to the "arc unit" test case.

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Does this task subsume T7419?

More or less. Broadly, the plan here is:

  • Harbormaster "owns" lint and unit test results in the future.
  • Arcanist, Harbormaster, and third-party test integrations upload results to Harbormaster, either as part of a build or in some as-yet-unspecified way that's more like "here are some results for this thing, they aren't really part of a build per se". Not sure if that'll be a special case or a real build with a special flag or what.
  • Differential pulls results in from Harbormaster and renders them.

This task doesn't really cover that responsibility change, but it will happen when Harbormaster moves forward.

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After D14190, you can do this with a vanilla "Command" build step that runs something like this:

$ arc unit --everything --conduit-uri <api-token> --target ${target.phid}

This is relatively not-that-terrible, although I think it's probably still worthwhile to have a custom step for this which is a thin wrapper around the command step.

The need to have a bare API token here is a little sketchy. Putting it in Passphrase and exposing it as a build variable would be one step better. Doing Conduit over SSH might be even cleaner (T550).

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