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This is a high level outline of some of our near-term plans for Phabricator. It lists things we plan to build in the coming months. This document is subject to change, but usually reflects the next few major features accurately.

  • For discussion of the planning process, see Planning.
  • If you want control over planning, see Paid Prioritization.
  • For long-term plans over the coming years, see the Starmap.

Diffusion Updates

We plan to update Diffusion to make callsigns optional and resolve adjacent open issues:

Drydock in the Cluster

We plan to move Drydock, Harbormaster and Almanac forward far enough that we can deploy them in the Phacility cluster. This is probably about half UI/UX improvement and half adding cluster-focused features to prevent destroying an instance by misconfiguring it.


Planning for this roadmap item is tentative.

We plan to build an alpha version of Nuance with a connector to GitHub. Nuance is a high volume human intelligence queue tool for handling things like support queues.

Conpherence v4

Planning for this roadmap item is tentative.

We plan to do an iteration on Conpherence, primarily to improve the UI/UX.

Release the Prototypes

We have three prototypes that only need a little more work to release. We'll finish these up and release them as we find time:

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