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Implement Google Calendar v3 API into Calendar
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Jan 18 2013, 6:40 AM
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Task Overview

We'd like to add to Calendar the ability to support external Calendar sources. Ideally this would both read and write both ways. So if I create an event in Phabricator, it would update my Google Calendar and vise versa. The overall goal is many small companies use Google to manage their work calendar, and that information automatically synced to Phabricator is handy.

For this task you will need a Google account if you do not have one::

You will then need to register with Google APIs:

Go to Services in API Project and turn on Calendar API.

Getting started on implementation:

Google provides both a REST API and PHP Client Library
@epriestley to confirm which approach.


Similiar to Settings:

We want to add 'Linked Accounts' to the side nav in Calendar. It should for now just list Google and have a similar workflow to linking external profile accounts. My poor understanding is you will just use OAuth 2 by Google, which we should have existing infrastructure for. More details:


Google Calendar uses multiple Calendars to display data. 'Home', 'Work', 'Holidays', etc. To keep this task simple, I'd lean towards having the user pick one Calendar to sync to. If they have multiple, they need to select which Calendar. When they've selected a Calendar from Google to sync with, we should import all their Calendar data on Google into their Phabricator Calendar.

Recurring Events

I think this will likely be a pre-requisite task I will attach. We'll need to add recurring event support into Phabricator, and do it in a standard way so that it is compatible with other Calendars. The spec is a good place to start. PHP iCalendar also has a recurring event parser.

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chad renamed this task from Add external Calendar support to Implement Google Calender v3 API into Calendar.Apr 5 2013, 5:08 PM
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One design issue is the current status has a limitation or two. For example, you can't have overlapping status events. Another is there's no notion of "accepted", "maybe", "declined" which is probably important v2 calendar functionality. It might be best to build a more generic "calendar" back-end for this and migrate status over / otherwise sort out how that works with calendar events.

Yeah, I'm going to create more tasks to better get our Calendar into a more standard backend that need completed before this.

chad edited this Maniphest Task.

Adding Google Calendar support would make the Calendar immediately useful to a lot of people. Right now the Calendar is just isolated and thus largely unusuable. Eventually it would be great to add task deadlines and milestones to the Calendars (if/when these features are added).

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Well, I think that the most useful feature in the immediate term would be to allow phabricator to export a calendar url to import into your google calendar. Then google-calendar would just periodically update your information. I know that liquidplanner current supports an export ics url, which you import into google-calendar.

Are you also planning a way to manage Phabricator's calendar using standard email programs? I.e. will it be possible to embed the Phabricator calendar into Akonadi (and thus KMail) or Thunderbird/Lightning? I assume this would require that Phabricator exposes a CalDAV API.

@epriestley, You can't send this to v2 because it blocks T7924 through T7929. Huh, a task dependency tree tool might be cool.

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So CalDAV support (for iCloud and others) is not planned? Google Calendar API is propritary while CalDAV is a standard. There is a really good php implementation of client/server and card parsers:
@devurandom yes that is true, and it is really simple using save/dav.

See T7924 for current Calendar roadmap items.

eadler added a project: Restricted Project.Jul 27 2016, 6:49 PM

I'm super excited about this feature.

I'm so excited about this ticket :)

Is there someone working on this feature?