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Provide a way to 'import' calendar entries
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I'd like to be able to export 'away' information from our internal calendar app (google calendar, in this case) to phabricator's calendar app.

I have a way of scraping our google calendar events and figuring out when people will be out of the office. My dream is to use a phabricator bot to populate the phabricator calendar with this info.

There are two show-stopping problems with this approach:

  1. There's no conduit API for calendar. There is the deprecated user.addstatus, which may or may not still work.
  2. If there were a conduit API for calendar, I'm guessing -- based on user.addstatus -- that it would only apply to the "active user". This would not work for my needs, since I want the bot to be able to set 'away' for other users.

I'm not wedded to this bot approach, but would be happy if there were some way to do this!

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We do want to build a Google Calendar connection, and would likely do it in a way that would allow others to drop in as well. If you specifically want Conduit for Calendar, we could track that separately I suppose, but I think most users just want to connect to Google.