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Office Hours/Default "Available" or "Closed"
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Most people aren't available at 3am on a Saturday, yet as it stands right now, everyone would be displayed as such. We need a way for individuals (and the admin, for global default) to set "work hours" that are available by default (if any), and "closed" hours. The latter would not be an event, just a default "I'm not here at all."

Then, the "Away" and "Sporadic" events would actually have some degree of relevance, and it would take a major load off of {T2896}.

Case and point, an individual might say he is "available" Mon-Fri from 10am to 6pm. The rest is blacked out by default - he doesn't need to create an event to black out Saturday/Sunday. Then, he can add his events on top of that.

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Calendar is a prototype application and not currently under development. Sorry.

Hm, well, I was making a suggestion to improve it, since it's under prototype. I've already read that page. I suppose I'll need to find time to do this myself.

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I really need this, so I'll do it myself.

These are not likely be accepted into the upstream. You're welcome to maintain a fork or local patch to suite the needs of the project.

The concerns specifically here are the future direction of Calendar is undecided. Accepting patches locks us into supporting features we may not want, or are covered by other features that we then have to migrate to. We're don't have a solid gameplan for "Unbeta Calendar" but we don't want to duplicate or increase the work when we do make it a priority. T2334 is likely the main task we'll center any 'Unbeta' action around, you're welcome to scope that API out and see if it meets your needs. (I believe "free/busy" is a common ical spec)

It isn't, so I'll patch this to my own and leave the rest alone. I appreciate the explanation, as mute "won't fix, don't fix" stances are rather disconcerting, as you might guess. Thanks.

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