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Plans: 2018 Week 23 - Week 30 Bonus Content
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See T13150. We need to crack down on this in the short term.

See T13152. There's some sort of bug here and the identity stuff should be cherry-picked to stable.

See PHI685. If you stack enough actions in Differential in a tiny window in haunted mode (Z) and your OS doesn't render scrollbars, things get a little confusing. A partial mitigation is to increase the maximum height of the panel.

See PHI684. This is a couple of requests, but the more immediate one is that "Mailable" datasources should include packages, which is quite reasonable.

See PHI654. This is a likely-minor text rendering issue with long package names in the table-of-contents views.

See PHI648, which reports a submodule issue with arc patch --nobranch. This may just get punted but may also be a 5 line fix.

See PHI616. There's a bug with the persistent header when you scroll down to trigger it, then up so it hides, then down again (into the first changeset, but not as far as the second changeset) in Differential. The header should reappear but does not.

See PHI701. There's a coloration bug with unified diffs.

See T13150. Instance invite email throttling appears to be working properly, but the emails are incorrectly omitting sender name information.

See PHI683. An install would like the ability to change object subtypes after the fact. See also T12314.

See PHI702. An install would like a "members of all projects" policy rule.

See PHI647, which requests minor improvements to the mail delivered under "Require Secure Mail".

See PHI686. An install (running an older version) reports not applying correctly to outbound HTML bodies.

See T12164. There's some rebuild-identities cleanup on a handful of cluster hosts.

See D19493. Some flavor of this is reasonable.

See PHI720. An instance suggests the branch parameter in diffusion.branchquery be passed to git as the pattern to work around T9898. This isn't the most perfect sort of change I could ever imagine, but is probably reasonable.

See T13155, which appears to be a reproducible (and, probably, simple?) bug.

See T13159, which is a minor rendering bug.

See PHI673. An instance would like tables like this to render better (see also T13158) by truncating the object reference instead of wrapping everything else. This was punted to T13160.

See PHI719. An instance has an object with 100,000 comments, which is slow to index. There are several minor improvements we can likely make.

See PHI725, which requests reasonable content fills for some events.

See PHI725. The "constraints" parameter for is not documented and does not self-document since this isn't a "real" *.search API method.

See PHI727. The dashboard widget typeahead datasource is pretty busted.

See PHI746, which catches some terminology which wasn't updated after UI changes ("dependent revisions").

See PHI622. An install would like access to testPlan from, which is entirely reasonable.

See PHI616. The remainder of this request discusses creating a "Changes since I last commented" view in Differential. This is probably also T8163.

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See PHI649. The file path typeahead in repositories can be difficult to use when your repository has a lot of long paths which all start with /path/to/some/actual/directory/with/source/in/it/com/java/oracle/.

I'm inclined to try making the input take over the entire screen when you select it (basically, change into a full-width dialog), then revert to a normal input if you unfocus it. Not sure how involved that will be.

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See PHI647, which requests minor improvements to the mail delivered under "Require Secure Mail".

I'm going to add a generic PHID-based URI like<PHID>/ which redirects to the object page without disclosing any information about the monogram (e.g. #fire-steve, rNUCLEARMISSILECONTROLLER) and include this link in the secure email by default, so the mail will contain a direct link to the impacted object in all cases.

This URI probably already exists in some sense as /search/?jump=true&query=<PHID> but we can pretty it up a bit.

Then, I'm going to add some methods like setNondisclosingMonogram(...) and setNondisclosingURI(...), maybe with nicer names if I can come up with something. These will be called in individual TransactionEditor classes on a manual, case-by-case basis. If they're present, the mail will build with the specified monogram and URI, instead of no monogram and a generic URI.

Finally, I'll call those methods from Differential and Maniphest (since monograms and URIs in those applications are nondisclosing) and probably call it a day. A complete implementation would involve calls to those methods in most applications, just not applications where monograms can disclose information (like Projects and Diffusion).

See PHI676. An install reports a haunting by ghosts. Spooky!

The specific ghost here is the "Create New Bot" form creating non-bot users. I'm unable to reproduce this or find any possible pathway for it to happen in the code, and have never seen other reports.

After users become more transactional in PHI642, just rewriting this flow onto transactions is a possible attack.

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I kicked a couple things out and moved the rest to T13164 to sort of force things back on some kind of normal-looking track with a plausible connection to realtime.