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Allow object subtypes to be changed via bulk editor

Authored by epriestley on Jun 12 2018, 5:25 PM.



Ref T13151. See PHI683. Ref T12314.

You can currently change object subtypes via Conduit (maniphest.edit) but not via the web UI.

Changing object subtypes is inherently a somewhat-perilous operation that likely has a lot of rough edges we'll need to smooth over eventually, mostly around changing an object from subtype X to subtype Y, where some field exists on one but not the other. This isn't a huge issue, just not entirely intuitive.

It should also, in theory, be fairly rare.

As a reasonable middle ground, provide web UI access via the bulk editor. This makes it possible, but doesn't clutter the UI up with a rarely-used option with rough edges.

Test Plan
  • With subtypes not configured, saw a normal bulk editor with no new option.
  • With subtypes configured, swapped tasks subtypes via bulk editor.

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