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UX for taking actions with search results
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One major issue with Dashboards is that creating query panels is super hard: you have to copy/paste a bunch of secret stuff. While most administrators could probably handle the URL part, I think figuring out the engine name is unreasonable even for a beta-quality application.

We can partly address this with JS, by giving users an "Application" dropdown and then a "Named Query" dropdown. This is OK for some uses. However, it would also be nice to create a dashboard panel from an ad-hoc query without having to name it first.

One approach would be to let you "Create Dashboard Panel..." from the search results. There are other reasonable actions we already support or might reasonably want to support from a search result list:

  • Save Query (already exists)
  • Create Dashboard Panel
  • Export to Excel (exists in Maniphest)
  • Batch Edit (exists in Maniphest)
  • Create Project With These Members (from People)
  • Edit Query / Hide Query sort-of? (see also T5133)
  • Replace existing saved query (for updating a saved "My Favorite Stuff")
  • Pretty sure I had another one here but I forget what it was.
  • Possibly some stuff with Facts in the future?

@chad mentioned some ideas for redesigning this entirely, which might be worth considering too.

We don't need to do anything here and can just slap a "Create Dashboard Panel" button on the results list somewhere, but maybe there's a better approach we could take with this UI.

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@chad, do you have any general ideas on what this might look like offhand? It would be good to get a rough first iteration of a direction while I'm tackling ApplicationEditor since all the "generic batch editor" stuff will happen at some point in that process.

I'm a significant amount of work away from getting there, and can just stick a temporary "Actions" button next to "hide/show query" if we don't come up with anything better by then. That doesn't seem terrible to me, it just lacks creativity and panache.

I expected to add additional actions into the header, so it should be easy to do.

Might be a good place to integrate PHURL too.

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I plan to look into this stuff after new home settles

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