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Panel: Allow to run more complex querys
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You are member of a company, who has different teams, and these teams are using calendar, have a lot of events for meetings. As you are a member of a team, you need to track your meetings. A dashboard is a good option for that, but if you select a calendar panel, you have all meetings from about 20 teams, but you only need one.

The solution would be, that a panel allows at least a query like "contains project: myteam", so you can tell your dashboard, that you only want that events.

Event Timeline

Doesn't Calendar already offer this today?

Here's a Dashboard Panel with "Phacility" tagged Events.

Going to close merge this into T5307 which makes query -> panel more discoverable. Dashboard panels can run any saved query, not just built-ins.

Ah, ok, that was my fault. I actually had no saved querys, so I didn't see that option ;) Thanks for helping :)