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Dashboard has become unclearly
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As an agency we are working on many projects in parallel. For each contract we create one project for which we restrict the access to the project members. We also using common tags to structure our tasks within these projects. These common tags are visible for everybody.

We are using the dashboard to access the projects easily a user is involved. Our problem is that the project panel shows both tags and projects (yes I know it's technical the same) and thus this panel becomes more and more unclear right up to useless. Our goal is to have only a list of all projects an user is involved with but not mixed up with common tags.

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I know you guys don't like proposals for a solution so I put my two cents in a comment: The obvious approach for us would be a filter for the panel which supports custom fields. Or even better support custom fields in all query masks. Anyway thanks for this great product!

Can you currently execute the query you want from the main query UI in the Projects application (at /project/)?

Oh, or I guess you're listing tasks? In that case, can you execute the query you want from Maniphest (at /maniphest/)?

@epriestley No its about projects not tasks. I'll try to make the query you mentioned. Is there any possibility for custom query panels in the dashboard?

Our problem is that the project panel shows both tags and projects

Specifically, I'm confused about this. Do you mean one of these?

  • The Dashboard panel showing Maniphest tasks shows too many tasks (tasks in all projects, not just interesting projects).
  • The Dashboard panel showing Maniphest tasks shows too many project labels (all tagged projects, not just interesting tags)?

By "project labels", I mean this UI element ("(Mail) (Diffusion) ( (Bug Report)"):

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 8.50.55 AM.png (72×574 px, 15 KB)

If you can make the query you want in an application, you can use it in a Dashboard panel by following these steps:

  • Execute the query in the application.
  • Save the query with any name ("Query XYZ") so it appears in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Go to Dashboards.
  • Edit the Dashboard Panel.
  • Change the "Query" to your saved query from earlier ("Query XYZ").
  • Save the panel.
  • (Optional) You can delete the saved query now, if you want.

This will become easier and more obvious in the future (T7216, T5307).

Sorry for the confusion. I know projects and tags are the same. But we have to kinds of tags/projects: Projects and tags. And we need on the dashboard a list which shows only projects.

I feel very stupid! Sorry for bothering you guys. A thank you very much for your incredible quick help! I think this should be closed...

epriestley claimed this task.

No problem! We know this is pretty tricky to figure out right now, and plan to make it easier next time we do some work on dashboards.