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Build Phriction v3
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Container task for the next Phriction iteration. Major focuses are:

  • (T8552) Increase user control over layout and navigation
  • (T8082, T8708) Fix various errors when moving pages around.
  • (T7783, T7878, T7783) Fix human text diffs to be readable.
  • (T4274, T4815, T8172) Various quality of life improvements

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You listed T7783 twice above btw. Was one of those instances supposed to be a different task?

I'm going to kick this out of the queue for now and we'll reconsider it alongside other internal priorities once the queue clears. I think it's probably secondary to Conpherence now, at least, product-roadmap-wise, maybe?

epriestley claimed this task.

Rolling this forward into T13077.