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"Edit" button shouldn't be hidden in "Actions"
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May 12 2015, 6:43 PM
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May 12 2015, 6:43 PM


The most common action I want to take on a wiki page is edit it.

Would it be reasonable to move this out of a dropdown?


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I had the same feeling about the "View Options" drop-down in differential; I was thinking maybe we can have just the icons from the actions on the outside, for "advanced users" that know what they mean - sort of like this, but not done with Paint:

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From T8779

Reasons to change this:

  • There's a vast discrepancy in terms of how often you "edit" a wiki page versus any other actions from that menu: all actions are not equal
  • There's a discoverability issue for new users: every wiki platform makes it very easy to edit a page, that's the more important feature after all: you shouldn't have to hunt around for that button (I had to the first time - where did the Edit button go, am I not allowed to edit this page?)
  • The lack of a preeminent edit button can mislead users into thinking they are not allowed to edit this page or that the page is not editable
  • It makes editing a page a "bigger deal" than it should be
  • It adds friction: 2 clicks vs 1

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Note that putting a "shortcut" pen icon on the left of the Actions button would barely take any more space not make the UI feel cluttered IMO.

We can look at this as part of the next Phriction iteration, although other changes likely impact the eventual design here.