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Archiving wiki pages in Phriction
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It would be nice to have an option to archive a Phriction page.

For example, we had this page that described all steps for new developers to provision their new VPS'es when they started working for us. Nowadays, we set up an automatic process with Docker that does this for them. However, we would like to keep this page in an archive if we would need to reference it at any given point, but also don't want it to unnecessarily clutter the Phriction index page.

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This would be very useful for the use-case described in T6004#107054.

It would need some sort of mechanism to discover archived pages again, though - perhaps an advanced search function to allow searching archived pages for those times when you need to dig into old decisions/discussions.

That'd be nice. That or:

T7638 might be another approach -- roughly, a checkbox like:

  • Archived: Hide this document and all children from navigation trees.

Then you wouldn't have to move things or break links, and could just kick older stuff out of the structure.