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Exception when moving Phriction document into place of old one
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In Phriction when I have two documents, A and B, and I perform the following steps:

  • Delete or move B
  • Attempt to move A to B

I get the following exception:

pasted_file (419×1 px, 52 KB)

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...fixes the immediate issue, but then we hit something deeper down:

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 6.15.04 AM.png (655×1 px, 158 KB) this isn't trivial to resolve correctly.

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T8011 is at least superficially the same as this, and probably the same at the root.

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I think fixing this is basically removing the unique constraint on the "slugs" table in Phriction, and then using application logic to make sure that there can be only one active page with a given slug at any time.

  • remove unique constraint on "slugs" table in Phriction
  • double check that create / move don't let you clobber any non-deleted, non-stub pages
  • change loading logic to prefer active documents first, next by most recently updated
  • change history page to show the active document first, next by most recently updated
    • e.g. "page active" version history followed by "page deleted that was here" version history
  • make sure "revert" workflow works right in these delete + move scenarios

Sound right-ish?