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Bring Owners out of the dark ages
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Owners is very badly out of date, and T7604 at least partially motivates spending some time modernizing it.

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Installs which relied on "Arcanist Project" Herald rules don't necessarily have a perfect way forward; "Owners"-based rules are one of the alternatives I suggest in the upgrading guide in the description of that task.

So, anyone have any clue what we use "primary owner" for?

As per IRC:

[20:56:34] <_richardJ> I have a commit for which an Owners package of which I'm an owner requires an audit because of "owners not involved". However, I reviewed the actual revision.

I marked D14023 as resolving this since I think I took care of most of the really silly/old stuff and this now works in a fairly reasonable way, at least for the most part.

I sketched out a very rough v2 on the workboard covering T2443 / T8425. The former should wait for API stuff and the latter is just a messy migration thing. Depending on when Audit gets a round of updates that stuff might make it in, too. I'm mostly hoping to shelve this for a bit, though, if nothing too sketchy pops up.