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unify "table of contents" views between Differential and Diffusion
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I think DifferentialDiffTableOfContentsView and DiffusionCommitChangeTableView should be merged into one functional heap of awesomeness. Mostly, I think DifferentialDiffTableOfContentsView should win.

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I wanted to get feedback on this idea. If some consensus or whatnot is formed, feel free to assign to me.

Your description sounds good to me. Agreed that DifferentialDiffTableOfContentsView should come out the victor, broadly speaking.

For mobile, I think we can just hide most of the columns in the table/list/view thing (and maybe hide the section by default).

chad triaged this task as Normal priority.Dec 16 2012, 9:29 PM

Is this task still relevant?


Consider D5769 vs rP482be727ab1ca6bd93de8a75cf2ca66aef9d9948. The former has a "Table of Contents" element and the latter has a "Changes" element. I think the UI difference doesn't do anything positive and thus increases cognitive load. Word?

I just tried to re-load my branch on this and it was conflict city, plus I don't think I had too much so upforgrabbsin'.

epriestley renamed this task from unify "table of contents" views between Differential and Maniphest to unify "table of contents" views between Differential and Diffusion.May 5 2014, 8:31 PM
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T6426 is a specific complaint about the differences here, asking for the file count to be surfaced consistently.

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