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Typeahead/Tokenizer Errata
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Minor issues with the typeahead and tokenizers, particularly related to T4100 / T5750.

  • Maybe add an option to hide closed/disabled results from browse view?
  • Maybe add an option to hide functions from the browse view?
  • Maybe add an object subtitle to the browse view (description for projects, explanation for functions, etc). See some discussion in T5403.
  • Unique functions (like viewer()) order correctly in the browse view but should get the same ordering rules in the as-you-type dropdown view.
    • Although we should probably force other functions to the bottom here, which is not the same as the browse view.
  • The priorityType field should probably be unified with the isUnique field.
  • Function tokens UI might be too subtle? See how it goes...
  • Functions might be too confusing for new users? Adjust onboarding ramp-up speed if necessary.
  • TypeaheadResult and TokenView should almost certainly be the same class instead of separate, similar classes.
  • When a browseURI is present, maybe add an option to the bottom of the as-you-type list like "More results..." that pops the browse dialog open with the query prefilled?
  • The dropdown doesn't show colors, but maybe it should?
  • Policy control is not setting types and icons (and probably colors) correctly (see T7866).
  • The "Status" and "Priority" browse dialogs should probably order results by "natural order", not by name.

  • (Fixed by EditEngine) Action tokenizers (e.g., Maniphest Task -> Add CCs) don't have a browseURI so they don't get a browse button.
  • (D14738) Fields that only allow 1 selection (like assigned) should only allow 1 selection

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Is there a way to exclude users/projects from a query? A user on our install has asked for a way to search for Differential revisions with Project X as a reviewer where the author is not a member of Project X.