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Display more high-level info in project hovercards
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When using #project remarkup, it would be useful to have some minimal extra info display in the popup bubble, for instance the same links displayed on the project search results page: members & workboards.

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Oh, by 'bubbles' you mean the hover popups? We call those hovercards. I think I may have mis-merged one of your other tasks.

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Yes that's what I mean.

Are you talking about T5356? In this case I was referring to the cells or whatever they are called representing cells in workboards or query results.

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The specific twist in T6579 of showing information when hovering over a token in a typeahead seems possibly reasonable to me. I'm not sure if the hovercard would be too heavy, but we could start there and look at a tooltip otherwise.

T3670 may also help address the issue by giving projects more hierarchy.

Yeah, I don't know about the hovercards. If this information is important, the user still needs to select the right project in the typeahead and then know to hover over the token. I think if the issue is we have lots of projects and they might be confusing to get the right one, then other solutions should be discussed (richer typeahead results?).

A hovercard for projects would be useful, but I agree with @chad that in fact the more important problem to solve might be in the typeahead

In T5403#84509, @chad wrote:

(richer typeahead results?).

When editing the "Projects" field, the typeahead suggestions only mention the project name, having a wide empty space at the right. Maybe a trimmed description could be shown there?

I'm still not sure how relevant is the problem of "lack of information about projects", but I'm commenting here after

The original request here seems to be for specific links to members and workboards from hovercards. I think it predates modern defaulting rules (i.e., clicking the tag now takes you to workboards for projects where they're in use) and we haven't seen other requests for this. I expect work adjacent to T10054 to continue giving us better behavior for clicking through. I don't understand the use case for frequently needing to access members quickly. I don't currently anticipate adding these links to hovercards.

T6579 and the other half of the discussion on this are mostly about making it easier to choose between many similar projects (for example, 30 variants of "Phabricator" on the WMF install). If we pursue this, we would almost certainly do so by putting it in the "Browse" dialog for typeaheads now that T4100 is complete. T7858 discusses some followup polish actions for that UI, including adding more information to the results list. I'm going to merge this into that, since "pick tokens at random, then hover over them to see if you got the one you wanted" doesn't seem like a very good solution to the "30 variants" issue now that "browse -> read" is possible.