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Track object closed/completed date and actor
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Paraphrased request from @carl: Track who closed tasks in Maniphest, and the date they were closed, and surface those fields in ApplicationSearch. Motivation: Review progress made during weekly sprints.

Paraphrased request from @chad: Track when everything was closed, and expose "closed recently" as a global search filter. Motivation: in most searches, open and recently closed things are usually more interesting than just open things.

These are both fairly easy technically, although they tend to make already-complex interfaces more complex and the Maniphest flavor might bump into other things a bit (on the other hand, it might make them better/easier).

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To be clear, I'm less interested in who closed any given task (the task's owner is a very good approximation of this) and more interested in the close date.

T5061 has some similar discussion about wanting to look at recent commits/revisions, but "updated" being a noisy ordering on that. In the commit case, Audit can do it now, but tracking these formally could improve things.

T6821 is similar ("last assigned date" vs "last closed date"). I want to try doing "last X date" through Facts. Maybe some values of "X" are useful/general enough to make first-class, but it would be desirable for each value of X to prove its worth through a Facts implementation before promotion.

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More use cases:

As a product manager/Product Owner/ScrumMaster, I want to identify all tasks closed in the last 1 or 2 weeks, so that I can learn about completed work I wasn't aware of in order to take followup actions. Some examples of followup actions include making announcements, coordinating with affected parties, or modifying release plans.

As a PM/PO/SM, I want to know of any tasks closed in the last 1-2 weeks, and their points value, so that I can make sure that points are set.

As a PM/PO/SM, I want to know of any tasks closed in the last 1-2 weeks, and their points value, so that I can evaluate the accuracy of current estimation.

An example of a Recently Closed report that satisfies these use cases.

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