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Phabricator PHP 7 Compatibility
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Jan 13 2017, 12:13 AM
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  • Phabricator supports PHP 7.1 and newer, but this support is new (circa January 2017) and less thoroughly tested than PHP 5, so you may encounter some issues.
  • Phabricator does not support PHP 7.0 through PHP 7.1. A feature Phabricator relies on (asynchronous signal handling) was removed in PHP 7.0 and not made available again until PHP 7.1.


  • PHP7 support is not available in versions of Phabricator earlier than 2017 Week 2.
  • You should install OpCache to provide bytecode caching.
  • You should install APCu (version 5.x.x) to provide data caching.

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epriestley claimed this task.

We haven't seen any PHP7 issues in ~6 months and the last few have been very minor things with edge cases like error handling behavior, so I think we can safely call this resolved.