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Diffusion API/URI Errata
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Remaining work for the new edit/API/URI workflows:

  • Nothing!

Probably kicking these down the road, although we're better positioned on them now than we were before:

Dealt with:

  • DiffusionRepositoryNewController is still hanging around but should be nuked.
  • Spaces appear in the web UI properly, but the associated transaction does not apply correctly.
  • Some redirect/submit/cancel URIs in non-EditEngine edit panels might be pointing at old places?
  • The rest of the Diffusion docs should be reviewed.
  • The warning header on the Diffusion URI documentation should be removed.
  • The new APIs could use guidance on use. The "observe" workflow (create a repository, add URIs, activate the repository) is not self-evident.
  • EditController and EditproController should be renamed and the controller hierarchy and crumbs should be sorted out.
  • It would be nice to provide some overall status hints on the URI panel ("This is a hosted repository.").
  • It would be nice to provide diffusion.ssh-user and diffusion.ssh-port hints when editing builtin URIs.
  • A substantial amount of guidance/help text on the forms hasn't made it forward yet. Some of it needs to be rewritten, and bringing it over will give me a chance to test these workflows in greater depth.
  • T8611: When Diffusion's "Can Create Repositories" application setting is "All Users," users still can't create repositories should be disposed of, probably by just saying "don't do that". But making the form configurable is a more elegant way to dispose of it.
  • Some panels should possibly be hidden entirely for Subversion, or at least visually disabled with hints.
  • SVN SSH URIs need to use the svn+ssh:// protocol and no short name.
  • Newly created repositories should have hints about how to complete the workflow (activate to host; add a URI then activate to observe).
  • The repository URI index doesn't index all URIs yet, only the primary clone URI.
  • should gain whatever capabilities it's still missing (primarily: search by URI?)...
  • T9554: Trigger "import" heuristics for imported repositories needs to be resolved because we now recommend this workflow.
  • Subversion's "Import Only" is no longer exposed in the UI. I'm hoping we can simply drop this feature since it's very rarely used and it only just barely works.
  • The UI for presenting Clone URIs is a little plain now. Most of this simplification is intentional, but this could use another pass.

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I nuked the new controller in that diff

My early-morning logic went something like "it's still there on disk so...".

Looks like anonymous clone over https stopped working? T10927

$ git ls-remote
fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

D15865 fixed some issues, but if you go to manage repo, and click reload there is still a problem: After that action phabricator redirects to the main repo page. Is that expected? The disadvantage is, that this causes long webpage load, if you have a normal repo. Is there a solution for that?

After that action phabricator redirects to the main repo page. Is that expected?

That's what this is referring to, above:

  • Some redirect/submit/cancel URIs in non-EditEngine edit panels might be pointing at old places?

svn repos now say "checkout: ssh://..." instead of svn+ssh://, making svn clients are angry.

epriestley moved this task from Backlog to v3 on the Diffusion board.
epriestley edited projects, added Diffusion (v3); removed Diffusion.

If you hide urls, nothing changes at the other places:

This has seemed pretty stable for about a month. Future work is tracked in more specific tasks.