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Subversion repositories are created with incorrect default URI
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The default URI displayed on the Checkout Details and URI pages for a freshly-created subversion repository are incorrect in two respects:

  • It shows the protocol as 'ssh' instead of 'svn+ssh"'
  • It appends the shortname to the end of the URI, whilst the repo is actually hosted on a URI without the shortname

For example:
The steps below will produce a repository which is hosted at svn+ssh://vcsuser@hostname/diffusion/17 but the checkout details are shown as: ssh://vcsuser@hostname/diffusion/17/artifacts

  1. Click Diffusion
  2. Click Create Repository
  3. Click Create a new Subversion repository
  4. Enter Test in the name field
  5. Enter artifacts in the shortname field
  6. Click Create Repository
  7. Click Activate Repository
  8. Click the R17 breadcrumb and note the Checkout details


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