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Editing a panel causes it to duplicate in dashboard
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Mar 17 2016, 5:46 PM
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Editing a panel in the 2nd column of a 2 column dashboard causes it to duplicate to the first column.

This may be related to T10145, though the steps to produce the outcome are different. Feel free to merge them if you feel this is the same problem.

My versions
centos 6
nginx 1.x from webtatic
php 5.6.x from webtatic
phabricator rP2c67d9c8ace2800ec618549963c4036e92cb3a9b (Fri, Mar 4)
arcanist rARC1439aaa871837031faa1ef26b81f1fb08e4a41e7 (Fri, Mar 4)
phutil rPHU76425eaa812572cc02487db79f2dd43d93e3085f (Fri, Mar 4)


  1. Create a new empty dashboard, 2 columns 2/3 1/3
  2. Add W1 and W2 to left column, W3 and W4 to right column
  3. Edit W3 and save your changes.

W3 is then duplicated and added to the end of the first column, while also remaining as the first panel in column 2.

If you delete the panel in the first column, it is removed from both columns. (Is this a separate bug? Should I file that? I don't know if you are supposed to be able to add a nav panel multiple times or not, say for putting NAV above and bellow a large panel).

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I had this same issue, I had to dig into the db to remove the duplicate phids

I saw this today, we just created a new panel

epriestley edited projects, added Dashboards (v2); removed Dashboards.

Having the same issue. Seems to only occur on certain panels. Adding the panel in question to a column now creates a duplicate in the opposite column. Removing the panel from one column removes it from both.

Same problem here. A way around this problem is to not re-use panels: Creating a completely new panel is adding it only once, however picking an existing panel is adding it twice.