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editing panels in right column of dashboard duplicates them into the left column
Closed, DuplicatePublic


repro case:

  1. create dashboard with two column 50/50 layout
  2. add some panels into both columns
  3. edit a panel in the right column, changing a property
    • reproduced with setting/changing/removing Limit on Query panels and adding a name for a new tab in a Tab panel without selecting a panel for it

expect: the change applied to the edited panel, layout remains the same


  • change applied, but panel is now duplicated to the bottom of the left column
  • survives refreshes
  • can be moved around in the left column though the drag n drop experience is even more broken than usual
  • can be moved to the right column. on refresh only one of them is rendered in the right column.
  • deleting either of the instances removes both of them from the dashboard
  • reproduced on multiple dashboards created from scratch
  • reliably reproducible
  • does not happen when editing panels in the left column

standalone instance