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Sort out the great Dashboard column editing mess
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Dashboards have a cluster of editing issues which have come to the forefront with the new Home menu, which makes dashboards more prominent. Additionally, D17308 mitigated some of the worst cases of negative behavior but left us with "phantom" panels: less bad than policy fatals, but very annoying. The issues include:

And maybe more broadly:

Entangled are some product questions:

Multiple Instances of a Panel: Should it be possible to put the same panel on a dashboard multiple times?

Currently, this is probably so buggy (T10145) that support one way or another isn't clear.

This seems potentially useful if we have something like a configurable section divider panel, which you configure once and then copy several times to build a dashboard with a consistent look. This is a weak use case and I can't come up with any other reasons to do this offhand. But it also doesn't seem like something that we should necessarily prevent.

If we allow it, I think some internal stuff needs to be restructured, since panelPHID will no longer uniquely identify a particular instance of a panel on a dashboard.

If we do not allow it, we need to add controls to detect it and either prevent the user from continuing or take an appropriate alternate action (e.g., "add panel" becomes "move panel").

  • How are we solving the various concerns from T12174 and elsewhere about dashboards turning into a big mess, particularly via "Copy Dashboard"? (What are the core problems here, versus stuff we see just on this install?)
  • What should the API look like?

The most immediate issue is the inability to remove phantom panels. I'm going to attempt to patch that in a narrow way and hotfix it to the cluster, but I'm not sure how much more mess I'm going to have to stumble through on the way there.

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chad edited projects, added Dashboards (v2); removed Dashboards.

Gonna just close this since I don't think the issues were really that great and I got most of the major bugs this week. I'll pick away at some of the others.