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Provide a way to link to Diffusion files
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Nov 5 2015, 5:03 PM
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We already have ways to link to (or embed) many kind of objects, but the one I miss is file-level linking.

When writing code review feedback, I sometimes want to say "Please also update some/filename.txt", and it would be even more useful if there was a shorthand syntax that would linkify filename references to their Diffusion browsing links.

Some things to consider:

  • Could the file's repository be implied or must it always be explicitly specified?
  • Should the syntax support linking to a specific line (range) or revision?

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This should probably also wait for (or happen concurrently with / be considered alongside) the repository monogram changes which occur with T4245, although I think it doesn't limit the reasonable syntax available to us very much.

I think the most natural syntax (and the one I tried before discovering it didn't work!) would be to allow one to basically copy-paste the existing path at the top of file pages (the one inside the phui-header-header element), so that for example, a link to Diffusion's readme file on here would be: rP/
And to link to, say, a specific line of a specific revision: rPbe0e84a81abc/$17
And likewise for ranges: rPbe0e84a81abc/$5-13

I would assume the parser would just have to look ahead after an object link and see if it's followed by a slash, then parse everything up to the next whitespace character as a path.

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I'm going to close this in favor of T13291. Referencing files by full URI currently works, and relative references and other behavior is planned.