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SVN repositories with no callsigns do not route individual commit URLs properly
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  • Create a new SVN repository with no callsign.
  • Click a link to an individual commit.
  • Routing fails and the commit claims it is not imported (things work fine if the repository has a callsign).

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A workaround is to give the repository a callsign Edit Repository โ†’ Edit Basic Information โ†’ Callsign.

@psawant, thanks for the report and for your help building a reproduction case for us on a Phacility instance. It was extremely helpful in identifying and resolving the root cause of this issue.

(You can take the repository down now, we don't need it anymore.)

This should be available in master now, so updating should pick it up. It will be available in stable on Saturday, April 9 (in about 5 days), and deploy to the Phacility cluster at that time.

The workaround described above is another possible approach in the meantime.

Let us know if we missed anything or you run into anything else. Thanks again!