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Sep 9 2015, 11:21 PM
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Umbrella task for the next major Projects iteration and adjacent work. Primary goals include:

  • (T3670) Implementing subprojects (sprints, milestones, iterations)
  • (T5558, approximately) Modularizing project tabs
  • (Various) Various UI and behavioral improvements for workboards.
  • Other easily resolved adjacent work
  • (T3980) "Bind to external source" for project membership

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What is the timeline?

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Is this likely to be completed this year? We have some teams expressing interest in this feature and I might be able to convince management to get onboard with paid prioritization (although this ticket is also prioritorized right?)

This is already prioritized, yes. See the weekly dev log for my plans through the end of the yar.

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This is now substantially complete.

  • See T10349 for followups / errata.
  • Guidance on the new features will be forthcoming in the Changelog this evening or tomorrow.
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