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Why do workboards have story point displays and limits if there's no way to customize the size of a card?
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Might just be a question of wording, but I keep looking for the feature to set task weights.

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Your expectation is that a card worth 10 points is rendered 10 times larger than a card worth 1 point?

Can you give me an example of another system that works like this?

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I think I misunderstood and by "size" you just meant "point value". This will happen eventually as part of other projects work (T9378, T3670) but those need to happen first. I'm not yet sure if we're going to make this a first-class value or let you designate a custom field as a "points field" or something else.

I'm just going to close this in favor of those other broader tasks.

Yep, thanks. I did just mean point value and the pointers to the new project designs I think solves any questions I might have.


Was this feature ever delivered? Just looking to hop on the right thread in regards to setting up variable task point values

Yes, see maniphest.points in Config.