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Custom Conpherence Image
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Once rooms have a meaningfully concrete implementation (T7566), we should evaluate restoring the custom image feature for threads.

We may not need it, but if rooms end up fairly freeform (e.g. "Social", "Funny Cat Chat"), not bound to projects/objects, this would probably be a good feature to restore.

Original Description

I notice that the user image of the first person added to the Conpherence is used as the image. Could we somehow allow for the creation of a custom Conpherence chat image? I know the framework already exists on the context of Projects.

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The other option, of course, is to do away with the chat image altogether, as it is rather confusing to have the face of ONE person on a group chat, especially if that person already left.

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We had this and it didn't seem useful in practice, and I'd have concerns it's even less needed once we have Project-based Conpherences (this is on a soonish roadmap, too).

Well, Project-based Conpherences would certainly be wonderful, but I still say it would be a good idea to remove the pictures altogether until then. (I have a former staff member's face on 80% of the group chats by sheer coincidence.)

chad added a comment.Feb 14 2015, 7:17 PM

We don't have current or future plans to remove the image. It's a vital part of v2 and will be improved.

Hm. How far out would you estimate v2 to be?

chad added a comment.Feb 14 2015, 8:45 PM

It's on the short term Roadmap, but we have no time forecasts on individual features. If you were considering contributing to Phabricator, this task would be an easy try out given it previously existed in the codebase (see D5998 for removal). Best place to put it would be in the update title dialog.

The logic for the image chosen should be last participant (not you). If it actually is [first participant], then that's a bug and should be fixed also.

Well, hey, I can claim this. No guarantee on WHEN I can get to it exactly (writing the lexer for our in-house language), but I'll put it on my list.

That said, if I'm implementing this, I will make sure that images stay the size they are now, so they don't take up a ton of space.

My very tentative thinking on this is that it may make sense to restore after v2, assuming that a project like #engineering could have multiple chat rooms and participant faces / project icons may not be sufficient to distinguish them visually.

I don't know how common this will actually be. It's possible that projects will rarely/never have multiple chatrooms and that rooms will always be bound to projects, and that just making rooms use project icons will cover the need completely without additional complexity of per-room/per-thread icons.

We should hold this until the thread/project relationship is more clear, since we don't want/need it if they end up being 1-to-1 or approximately 1-to-1.

Waiting is fine by me. I will say, I currently have a "general chat" area for the entire staff, and that isn't linked to a project for obvious reasons.

Basically, this kind of behaviour would be ideal in my mind:
*Project-based Conpherence mirrors the project icon by default.
*One-on-one Conpherence mirrors the user avatar by default.
*Custom chatrooms have no icon by default.

Of course, all of the above could theoretically be overridden, in the case that a project has multiple chatrooms, and for custom chatrooms.

Hey @CodeMouse92 - probably going to have to steal this back from you if you don't think you'll have a chance to look at it soon? Apologies, though perhaps the consolation of getting the feature will be sufficient? :D T7380 looks like it will need this.

CodeMouse92 added a comment.EditedFeb 26 2015, 12:38 AM

Hi @btrahan, seeing as I'm waist-deep in writing a game engine that can run on 256MB RAM, I have absolutely no need to hold this task in memory. Feel free to deallocate and reclaim, ha ha. (Can you tell what part of that game engine I'm writing?)

btrahan claimed this task.Feb 26 2015, 12:40 AM

Good luck with that effort my friend! (I once worked for Microsoft TV in the "dot net for tee vee" team, so I have a great deal of sympathy for getting software to run on devices with low memory...!)

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Turns out I was wrong about the necessary order here. This is still something we'll address soon (within weeks) but not in my current working set so kicking it out if someone wants to work on it in the next few days.

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