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Provide UI to let users switch to threads/rooms other than the 6 most recent
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There is no spec for this yet.

See original discussion in T7380. Currently, there's no convenient way to access threads other than the 6 you most recently participated in.

  • The likely fix for this is a 7th [...] button which provides some options.
  • However, exactly what lives there is murky. We should complete more features in the iteration before locking it down.
  • We don't need to figure this out to test/develop the column, and it's a long way away from shipping anyway.

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I think adding a "View in Column" button to the Conpherence dropdown menu (and maybe making that menu show a few more items, like 10 instead of 5?) could push the specifics of this out.

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Although maybe that overlaps so much that it doesn't really help. Having some way to do that from the browse view, maybe?

This feels like it ends up being some separate UI that we don't have a really easy way to build right now.

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Going to pass on this overall, not sure it's worth effort an I'd rather 'pin' favorites that be able seem room #10 from the list of most recent rooms. Happy to revisit if it seems to scratch an actual itch users have.