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Unprototype Nuance (v1)
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Nuance is a high volume human-intelligence task queue. It has two major components:

  • Importers: Infrastructure for actively pulling data from external sources.
  • Queues: Routing rules and UI for processing human intelligence tasks quickly.


  • Sources define where items come from (e.g., email, twitter, GitHub, a web form, an RSS feed).
  • Items are created when new stuff shows up on a source (a new email, a new tweet, a new pull request, a new form submission, etc).
  • Sources define routing rules for items which are Herald-like logic to route items into Queues (or possibly do other things with them automatically).
  • In a Queue, a human works through items rapidly, making decisions about what to do with them.

Use cases might include:

  • Support queue: pipe email into a queue. Humans can respond directly or escalate them into tasks.
  • Monitor Twitter: pipe tweets into a queue. Humans can keep tabs on what people are saying about you and reply.
  • Content reports: If your application has a "report" feature, support representatives can work through user reports and take action on them.
  • Special "Security" or "Feature Request" or "Report Bug" form: special web form that routes into Nuance, putting a layer of indirection between Maniphest and external users.
  • Application-to-Queue: pipe query results from another application into a queue, then work through them quickly (e.g., triage a lot of tasks or handle a bunch of audits).
  • Import-to-Application: Pipe items directly into an application (automatically create tasks or feed stories from external sources).

The primary driver for this application is currently upstream interest in better support queues for the Phacility cluster.

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What 3rd party apps ie. external sources (importers in your description) are you planning on supporting for v1 of Nuance?

We would have a lot of benefit of parsing Zopim chat for example and escalating them to tasks in our support scenario.

A v1 of Nuance could be years away. see Planning.

Thank you for the information.

Since I saw this task in Roadmap not Starmap it occurred to me that you're planning it in next few months, not years. :)

Ah, ok. I think that information is out of date with our current plans. Right now we (or maybe just I) see Nuance as a high risk product, one that is difficult to build and support/maintenance costs are completely unknown (and also likely very high). As such we're going to test a single connector (GitHub) and see how it performs / meets needs. Beside that, and maybe a basic email connector at some point, I don't believe we have plans for any other connectors. Nuance I think is a great product for the community to perhaps build and share connectors, though.

eadler added a project: Restricted Project.Aug 5 2016, 5:23 PM

Relevant to my feature request in T11878, if Nuance could also work on incoming Tasks, that would make that feature request redundant as I wouldn't need to use Herald rules instead.

It's not clear from the above if that's in your vision of Nuance or not, as it currently does not list tasks as incoming sources. If it isn't then my feature request for upsteam in T11878 would still be of great benefit.

Coming from T12430: Stop cutting of Mail History for new Tasks I think Nuance could be a great Application for our Use Case of managing Requests to our Team.

Right now we're using Maniphest, which works quite nice, but isn't that handy for requests we didn't get via Phabricator, e.g. mails sent directly to a team member.

Our use case would include a way to quickly create Nuance Items from Mails to our Team Member, for example by just forwarding the Mail to a Nuance/Phabricator Mail-Address via Inbound Mail Support.

We can't use Maniphest for that right now, because Mail History is always cut off, even though a newly created Item can't have any of it's history stored in Phabricator yet

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