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Make email commands ("/subscribe") work in all contexts, including Conpherence ("/me")
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Many chat systems support "/me" actions, as IRC was a familiar chat system long before all the new trendy replacements. Generally, I would think that "advanced" users would expect the ability to use /me to perform an action/emote in a way which makes sense for the system they are using, these days. (I discovered the lack by using it without realizing there was no support.)

As noted in the XMPP XEP-0245, the display should be obvious that it is user-initiated text. As a notable example of failure, Steam introduced /me support in their chat which wasn't "different" and as a result, users were able to make their actions look like system-generated text (hilarity did not ensue, but scams did).

A simple approach used by Discord is to just italicize the line of input (it looks like it's done to the input when it's received), as it's unlikely that people will do additional Markdown in an action (especially italics). This, however, is not accessibility friendly (turn on text-to-speech in Discord and you can quickly tell that actions/emotes are impossible to discern from regular chat). Maybe it'd be more accessibility friendly with bold + italics (via <strong> plus <em>) as some (maybe most now) screen readers are smart enough to read that sort of text with different intonation.



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(This doesn't really follow the rules as a feature request because it's just 35 copies of "other systems implement it so you should too", but I think it's something we would probably implement anyway sooner or later so I'm fine with keeping it open.)

Some generalizations:

  • I'm not sure this should necessarily be limited to Conpherence. There's no technical reason you can't /me on a task, and it's likely easier for us to implement this on all objects than restrict it to Conpherence.
  • Possibly, this should be generalized? Although I don't think we really need to implement /dance or /troutslap (at least, in the upstream) there's no reason we couldn't parse email commands in comments (like !cc @username) or support stuff like /deploy secure001 in Conpherence rooms.

So maybe the actual implementation parses this:

  • Zero or more commands, with one command per line, beginning with "!" or "/".
  • Zero or more lines of comment text.

So this would be a valid comment:

/me puts his right hand in.
/tag #ops
!me puts his right hand out.
!deploy secure001
Okay, I deployed the server and did the hokey-pokey.

This would render as something like:

epriestley added a tag: #operations.
epriestley ran a custom deployment command: secure001
epriestley put his right hand in.
epriestley put his right hand out.

Okay, I deployed the server and did the hokey-pokey.

See also T7787 for plans to support existing !cc stuff from arc on the CLI.

Would also like to see "/here" in Conpherence send a notification to all users in the current room.

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