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Automatically claim a task when a differential is submitted
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Sometimes I will forget to claim a task when I start working on it. This is often the case if I recognize that the task relates to some change that I had made recently and if the fix is trivial (although to someone else who may work on the task, the diagnosis may be time consuming and/or hard to reproduce).

It would be great if submitting a differential for a Maniphest task (particularly a fixes diff) automatically claimed the parent task as well. This would ensure that no-one else started working on the task that I had already fixed.

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Another alternative is for this to be a Herald rule... I'm not sure which is more preferable

I think Fixes Txxx (and other closes-when-landed relationships) is strong enough to imply this, but it feels a little unexpected with just ref/mention.

I think T11934 and an explicit !claim Txxx action (which would mean "reassign + ref"; maybe with a !claim-and-fix Txxx to mean "reassign + fixes" or some kind of !claim+fix X syntax which expands to !claim <args>; !fix <args>) is a possible way forward on this, but I don't want to make "ref" automatically mean "claim".