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Add "Group by Status" to Workboards

Authored by epriestley on Mar 11 2019, 9:23 PM.



Depends on D20276. Ref T10333. This one is a little bit rough/experimental, and I'm sort of curious what feedback we get about it. Weird stuff:

  • All statuses are always shown, even if the filter prevents tasks in that status from appearing (which is the default, since views are "Open Tasks" by default).
    • Pro: you can close tasks by dragging them to a closed status.
    • Con: lots of empty groups.
  • The "Duplicate" status is shown.
    • Pro: Shows closed duplicate tasks.
    • Con: Dragging tasks to "Duplicate" works, but is silly.
  • Since boards show "open tasks" by default, dragging stuff to a closed status and then reloading the board causes it to vanish. This is kind of how everything works, but more obvious/defaulted on "Status".

These issues might overwhelm its usefulness, but there isn't much cost to nuking it in the future if feedback is mostly negative/confused.

Test Plan

Grouped a workboard by status, dragged stuff around.

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