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Add an "Sort by Creation Date" filter to workboards and modularize remaining order behaviors

Authored by epriestley on Mar 11 2019, 4:06 PM.
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Depends on D20274. Ref T10578. This is en route to an ordering by points, it's just a simpler half-step on the way there.

Allow columns to be sorted by creation date, so the newest tasks rise to the top.

In this ordering you can never reposition cards, since editing a creation date by dragging makes no sense. This will be true of the "points" ordering too (although we could imagine doing something like prompting the user, some day).

Test Plan

Viewed boards by "natural" (allows reordering both when dragging within and between columns), "priority" (reorder only within columns), and "creation date" (reorder never). Dragged cards around between and within columns, got apparently sensible behavior.

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