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ok, I just assumed "hooks" means "git hooks". T4200 covers all the Chef/Capistrano related stuff.

I will take a look

Interesting, what Im doing might solve some of that ticket actually its a WIP but I have a blank CentOS configured and setup.. then it deploying phabricator and doing the database migration (its running on CI in Travis currently)

Its a knife solo project, so any blank CentOS 7.x box and you run a one liner against it to fully install all required packages and phabricator.

Jun 19th, 2017
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Good morning. I know shared hosts aren't officially supported but I'm trying to get this running on my godaddy shared host and am wondering where the best place is to ask questions for issues I run in to?

Don't run it on a shared host.

Oh, okay. I will look for an alternative. Thanks.

Maybe Bitnami's install? Its not from us, but probably works and is supported?

@Frantumn - TBH VPSes these days are dirt cheap. for $5/mnt you get thing that can run Phabricator quite decently. No reason to waste life on trying to get Phabricator running on $40/yr hosting.

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Hello. I noticed that in `PhutilInteractiveEditor' the editor selection defaults to nano(1). On *NIX systems, would it be preferable to fallback to vi(1) which is guaranteed to exist?

Set EDITOR envvar or use arc set-config editor vi to set default editor.

Thanks, but let me clarify. Would it be preferable to have vi(1) as the final fallback on systems where it is guaranteed to exist and nano(1) is not?

I don't know. Would it? What kind of concrete problems are you seeing? See Contributing Feature Requests.

This seems to fall under "Hypotheticals".

It is mostly that I considered being presented an error about not finding an editor to be strange and unusual.

What kind of system are you developing under, that has git and a compiler but not nano?

Is there something called editor in freebsd by default?

how about sensible-editor?

Thank you for bearing with me, and doubly for your work.

Jun 20th, 2017
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Hi guys, I'm not able to create bug reports. Anyone else?

Unhandled Exception ("AphrontQueryException")
#1366: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'priority' at row 1

@chr86 I'm assuming you mean on your install, and not or any hosted phabricator?

Sorry, I mean on

@chr86 I just confirmed that trying to make a task with a title and description of "test" using the bug report form

UBN is still a valid priority and it still sorts above other tasks (for existing tasks) so I'm not sure why that would happen

@chad @epriestley two users can't create bug reports on

Guess it expects an integer value? Has there been a recent change to it?

I'm still reading it and feel stupid if they're already aware of it.

It says at the time of writing it's broken so I'm not sure if that commit is pulled into yet, don't know how that works

it says the raw priority value (which the saved EditEngine forms on this domain still use, since they havent been edited since last year) should still work

I'm just surprised that those "breaking" changes are commited to master and then pushed on production...

@chr86 although this site is more important, I believe they regularly test things here. before promoting them to stable.

as long as it's not broken on their SAAS site :p

both recentish changes.

I'm sure they'll figure it out

Note to self, verify i can create tasks the next time I update phabrictor ;)


For sure they will

btw the latest changelog has also not been posted yet?

:D alright

We're aware our bug form is broken, diffs are already out and approved.

Jun 21st, 2017
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esto es importante y quiero que se vea bien

and if i add code

''' if (this) then that'''

´´´if (this) then that; ´´´

foreach ($list as $item) {

We have some problem setting up aphlix. we're using https.

both client and admin are running and show connected

but: 20 In / 0 Out

so it's not sending any messages? or websockets are not connected?

any help appreciated.

@ollehar your browser ws / network log may be more helpful than server side stuff if it all looks good phabricator side. Are you sure websockets are supported on your browser? if you are, are you sure it's trying to connect? check out the network log and such

On firefox this can be seen by clicking ctrl+shift+q then clicking ws

my chat window shows "Connected", using latest firefox

I get 101 switching protocols for websockets in the chat.

should it be 200?

both in here and on our own server.

Adding preamble did not help

unless I need to restart the server.

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which tool will allow as to accept or raise commit

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We uses Infer static analyze tool of Facebook and want to know which API could use to post the result to Phabricator

If you're using it on the user side, you can connect it to arc diff as a linter ( If it's server-side, you can use Harbormaster and the harbormaster.sendmessage api to post the information to a Revision.

say I want to query a Revision for the statuses of the related Build Plans, what is the best way to do that?

neither nor seem to give me anything that i could use to connect them; what am i missing here? (or is this not currently exposed via api?)

Jun 22nd, 2017
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Hi all, dashboard question... I have made a standard dashboard for users and installed it on the nav bar, and it uses the viewer() function to show the current user's items in multiple panels. But I don't see a way to make a reusable dashboard for projects. Say, if I wanted to make a standard dashboard for 20 projects, with n panels, I'd have to build 20*n queries, 20*n panels, and 20 dashboards. Am I missing a function or parameterization method when building a dashboard to use in the nav bar of a project?

I think we have a ticket for that open somewhere, but I can't find it. There isn't any this_project() function or equivalent, IIRC.

Yeah I'd be curious about the ticket so I could track it...anyone? Googling for "Phabricator project dashboard function" makes for difficult filtering.

I don't believe there is a specific task, just discussion on other open tasks.

Jun 23rd, 2017
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This may take a while.

same, haha

Jun 24th, 2017
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