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Make application customization of builtin transaction types optional
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Currently, TransactionEditor objects are required to implement applyCustomInternalTransaction() and applyCustomExternalTransaction() for all types they support. This is good for application transactions, but causes issues with builtin transactions (like edges).

T6394 is an example: when dashboard panels were implemented, there was no way to generate an Edge transaction against them, so they correctly omitted internal/external cases for these transaction types. After we added mentions, it became possible and things broke.

It's still good to give editors a callback for these transactions so they can apply effects, and some applications do this. However, we should make it a separate, optional callback, like applyBuiltinInternal/ExternalTransaction. Then send builtin transactions through that one, and custom/application transactions through the existing one which requires implementation.

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(We've had ~3-5 other similar issues in the past.)

If its "built in" then its one of the PhabricatorTransactions constants and otherwise its not built in?

TYPE_EDGE diff just attached.

I seem to have broken some things with the EDGE stuff at least. Looking at it now...

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